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Motion Notifications

Never miss any of the action by setting up motion and sound notifications directly on your phone. Even if your phone screen is locked, you can get notified that your baby is moving or crying.

The HubbleClub app is like having a nanny by your side at all times.

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Video Sleep Diary

Get an easy to browse view of your child's night with the video sleep diary feature. Easily open video recordings, monitor the room's temperature during the night and share your recordings with family or friends.

With the video sleep diary, you'll never miss a moment.

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Create boundaries for specific areas around your home and receive
motion-triggered alerts straight to your compatible smartphone or tablet.

With BabyZone, you can always be sure that your child is right where
they should be at all times.

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Baby Sleep Reports

Understand your baby's night with a daily report showing you how
your baby slept.

See when they moved the most during the night, total hours asleep,
a unique sleep score and much more.


Sleep Training

A good night's sleep is a dream...

Hubble makes it a reality.

What is sleep training?

Sleep is one of the most popular topics among parents. Infants require as much sleep as possible, but even adults typically require at least 8 hours of sleep per night for a functional day. At 12 weeks, an infant’s sleep pattern begins to change as their brain develops. As infants grow more sensitive and alert to their surroundings, bed and nap times are disrupted.

Sleep training is the method of teaching your baby to fall asleep, without your help. That means your baby is put down for bed fully awake, and then drifts off to sleep, without being rocked, swayed, cuddled, nursed or shushed. Sleep training also teaches your baby how to fall back to sleep when they inevitably wake up overnight, providing both you and your baby with a full night’s rest.

How does Hubble Connected help?

Hubble Connected teaches your child visual cues for sleep, using a night light. By turning on the night light, you're teaching your child the visual cue for “sleep,” and by turning off the night light, you're teaching your child the visual cue for “wake.” These visual cues help you train your child to understand when it's time to go to sleep and when it's time to wake up, providing a full night's rest for you and your little one.

Pitch black rooms can agitate children, so using a night light can help soothe and comfort, as well as alleviate possible night time fears and separation anxiety, to help them fall back to sleep, when they wake up in the middle of night.

All Hubble Connected products that feature a nightlight offer Sleep Training functionality.


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Open the Sleep Training feature on the HubbleClub app.

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Set your preferences for time, light, color, lullaby, duration and volume.

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Light Color Selection - After a recent Hubble study, we recommend light colors and soft intensity levels for better sleep sessions.

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Set up multiple sleep training sessions.

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User is notified for upcoming Sleep Training sessions.