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A New Parent’s Christmas Survival Guide

A New Parent’s Christmas Survival Guide

A New Parent’s Christmas Survival Guide

18 Dec 2023

A New Parent’s Christmas Survival Guide
How to help your baby sleep on the move at Christmas. 

Tami Wornham, Hubble’s resident baby sleep consultant and founder of The Baby Days, says there are things that you can do to help your baby sleep on the move. If you’re travelling between friends and family over the holidays, these tips will certainly be useful!

‘Firstly, time your baby’s naps so they can sleep in the car if you can. This motion will be soothing, helping them catch-up on sleep after any over-stimulation during the festive period.

Secondly, if you’re out and about, consider using a sling or carrier so your tot can sleep while you work through your to-do list. If they’re not fond of a carrier, consider a pram instead. A ‘Rockit’ can also be very useful for keeping your pram moving if you stop for lunch, rocking your baby to prevent them from stirring to soon.

Finally, a Snooze shade and white noise can help your little one nap on the go.’

White noise helps babies sleep because it mimics womb sounds and creates a relaxing, familiar environment, leaving them feeling safe and at ease. It also helps to block out noises that might wake your little one, helping them get all of the deep REM sleep that’s so crucial for their development.


Things you should take with you if you’re traveling with a baby this Christmas. 
If you are travelling this Christmas, be that locally or abroad, there some things you would benefit from packing in your suitcase (you can thank us later!). 

Tami recommends the following products to make your life easier between destinations:

1.    A travel cot or suitable sleep space
2.    Your baby monitor
3.    A foldable high chair or small fold-up set if your babby is on solids
4.    Any comforter your baby can use
5.    White noise
6.    Their favourite story book(s)
7.    Nappies and clothes
8.    Their favourite toys
9.    Bottles and a steriliser if you’re not breastfeeding
10.    Bibs
11.    Pram
12.    Sling
13.    Wipes
14.    Diaper cream

‘No one said you would be travelling light with your little one, but you’ll be so glad you were prepared when Christmas arrives. Having these important items to hand will minimise stress, help your little one to settle in different locations, and allow you to enjoy ‘you time’ while they rest.’

When you’re on the move, we highly recommend bringing your baby monitor with you. Babies can struggle to sleep in new settings and being able to watch over them while they rest will be a huge reassurance, whilst many of our products have lullaby and white noise functions that are particularly relaxing for babies.

Clothes your baby should wear on December nights to keep warm. 

While you might be tempted to dress your baby in a cute reindeer onesie, it’s important that their sleepwear is safe and keeps them at an optimum temperature throughout December – not too warm, not too cold.

Tami suggests that parents invest in a sleep bag with an appropriate tog and a soft sleep suit to go under the sleep bag.

Meanwhile, it’s important that the crib area is kept safe. Never put any soft furnishings or items in the crib, like blankets or toys. They are suffocation hazards and can leave your baby overheating. Instead, make sure you have a good-fitting sheet, no parts of the crib are broken, and rest your baby on their back. This position also stops them from overheating as babies control their temperature through their head and feet.

You can check your baby’s temperature and see if they’re too cold by placing your hand on their tummy or back. If their skin feels too hot or cold, you will need to adjust what they’re wearing.

What baby monitor is best suited to your needs this Christmas? 

Do you have one baby or two? Two: Nursery Pal Dual Vision (arriving in March 2024)

Are you simply looking to hear your baby? Yes: Hubble Listen Audio Baby Monitor

Do you want a monitor that’s compatible with your Amazon Alexa to control its soothing sounds and lullabies remotely? Yes: Nursery Pal Glow Smart WiFi + 5 Inch Baby Monitor

Are you looking for two-way communication and complete camera rotation flexibility at an affordable price? Yes: Hubble Nursery View Select 4:3 Inch Video Baby Monitor

Do you want to go all-out with a monitor and sensory mat that can track your baby’s sleep and wellbeing? Yes:  Hubble Dream + Connected Sensor Mat with 1080p Wi-Fi Video Baby Camera

The Christmas songs that’ll help your baby sleep this December.

According to research from Cuckooland, the following carefully selected Christmas songs are more likely to help children sleep. 

Based on their average beats per minute and most common key/time signatures, this list of the festive songs can offer parents a helping hand:

1.    Eartha Kitt – Santa Baby
2.    Gene Autry – Her Comes Santa Claus (Right Down Santa Claus Lane)
3.    Stevie Wonder – What Christmas Means To Me
4.    George Michael – December Song (I Dreamed of Christmas)
5.    Band Aid 30 – Do They Know It’s Christmas
6.    Boney M – Mary’s Boy Child
7.    Band Aid 1984 – Do They Know It’s Christmas
8.    Nat King Cole – The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)
9.    Band Aid 20 – Do They Know It’s Christmas
10.    Dean Martin – Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Discussing the power of these jingles in helping babies sleep, Hubble Connected’s experts say:

‘These songs follow a very similar theme to traditional lullabies and can therefore help your little one drift off to sleep. Music generally can be a powerful tool when soothing your tot, whilst these songs are perfect choices for festive parents who want their babies to soak up the magic of Christmas.’

If, on the other hand, you’ve heard one too many Christmas songs and would like a break from festive jingles, here are some of the lullabies Hubble Club members trust to get their babies to sleep:

-    Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
-    Hush Little Baby
-    Rock a Bye Baby
-    You Are my Sunshine
-    All the Pretty Little Horses
-    Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Make sure the music, or white noise, you play your baby isn’t too loud; it’s thought that 60-70 decibels is ideal for relaxing your little one. Of course, you can trust your instincts and raise or lower the volume based on any external noise and the loudness of your baby’s crying.

Which Hubble monitors have a lullaby feature?

Thankfully, our monitors include soothing lullaby features! If this is at the top of your checklist, consider these devices:


Meanwhile, access to our HubbleClub App provides parents with support from experts, invaluable advice, motion-triggered recordings, and more. 


How to protect your mental health as a new parent this Christmas. 
Christmas can be a stressful time and, as a new parent, you’re likely to feel more anxiety and pressure than ever before. From making your little one’s first Christmas perfect to managing the general stress of parenthood during the holidays and family expectations, there may be a heavy weight on your shoulders.

To be the very best parent you can be, it’s incredibly important that you value and prioritise your own wellbeing. Over the next few weeks, all parents should be mindful of their mental health and not forget the importance of self-care.

Doing a few things at Christmas to care for yourself will make a big difference. Consider the following to look after yourself:

1.    Eat properly

In order to be the best version of you, you must look after yourself. When you find yourself swept off your feet with an endless to-do list, it’s easy to forget your own wellbeing. Make sure you nourish yourself, eating properly and really thinking about your health too.

2.    Talk to someone

The holidays are stressful and it’s important you don’t bottle up your emotions. If you have someone you can confide in, talk to them about how you’re feeling and let them know if you’re overwhelmed or anxious. 

3.    Take time for yourself

Making time for yourself as a new parent is probably your last priority, but it will be a saviour this Christmas and benefit your little one. Whether that’s taking 5 minutes to be alone with your emotions, going for a walk, or enjoying an episode of your favourite series with a coffee, giving yourself this time for self-reflection will be invaluable.

4.    Be realistic

We often put pressure on ourselves to make Christmas perfect – especially new parents who want their little one’s first Christmas to go off without a hitch. It’s important to remember that no festivities are perfect and putting this pressure on yourself will only cause stress and upset – be kind to yourself and realistic in your expectations. There might be some difficult moments, but that’s absolutely fine!

5.    Accept help

If you have a support system offering you help this Christmas, don’t be afraid to accept it. Embrace help and any sense of community that comes with the holiday period; this will lessen pressures on you and make the Christmas season much more manageable.

How to set boundaries with relatives for your newborn this Christmas. 

If you’re set to introduce your baby to friends and family this Christmas, you may find yourself needing to set clear boundaries to ensure you feel comfortable. This is something you can do gently and respectfully, avoiding any upset over the holidays.

Here are some top tips if you’re not sure how to set clear and consistent boundaries:

1.    Establish what you’re comfortable with

The first thing you need to do is establish in your own mind what you’re happy with and what you’re not. Set clear boundaries that you can share with friends and family so everyone’s on the same page.

2.    Speak with your loved ones

Let your friends and family know where your boundaries lie ahead of seeing them, so they’re prepared from the outset. Express that you can’t wait for them to see your little one, you just want to make sure the day runs smoothly and you’re prioritising their wellbeing.

3.    Move into another area if you need to

If you’re feeling like everyone’s smothering you a little, advocate for yourself and your baby by taking some time alone in another room. Don’t be afraid to speak up and do what you feel is right.